Viulux LED II Retrofit

A smart choice to transition from halogen setups. Offers the brilliance of LED technology at an affordable price, compatible with multiple older models.

Upgrade your existing light to LED! SDS is now providing doctors with the option of keeping their existing operatories units and light posts and simply swapping out the halogen light head for our Viulux LED II light head. Available for over 10 older halogen models, our light can provide doctors the technology of tomorrow at a price they can afford today.

Models available:

  • All SDS models
  • A-dec 6300**
  • Pelton & Crane LF2 Post and LF2 Ceiling**
  • Pelton & Crane LF1 Ceiling/Track**
  • Engle E300**
  • Marus**
  • Faro**
  • Proma LSM**
  • DCI Model Pro72**
  • DCI Model 1248**

All lights are standard in light gray. White is available upon request

SDS’s warranty covers only the Viulux LED II retrofit kit head assembly and not the existing operatory, light post, light flex arm, or any other manufacturers’ products. Technicians should verify the functionality and capability of the existing flex arm before purchasing and installing the retrofit kit.

**The parts and products mentioned are manufactured by Summit Dental Systems (SDS) to fit another manufacturer’s equipment. All product names used are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders


Brochure: Viulux LED II Retrofit

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