Viulux LED II Chair Mounted Light


Offers bright and cool illumination, ensuring precision in dental procedures. Its energy-efficient design is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

With lower energy consumption and longer life expectancy, our Viulux LED II operating light will not only illuminate smiles with brighter, cooler light but will also have you smiling with your savings. Using powerful LEDs, Viulux II provides a precise light pattern with uniform intensity allowing for focused visibility and eliminating discomfort to patient’s eyes.  Our Chair Mounted Lights can be either Post or Swing Mounted.

Product Features and Specs

  • Activated via Motion Sensors
  • 3 Axes of Rotation
  • Color Correct
  • Light Intensity:  Variable 10,000 – 30,000 lux
  • Bilateral Handles
  • Head Swivels 620°

Download Brochure: Viulux LED II Light 

Download Manual: Viulux LED II Post Mounted Manual 


Post Mounted, Swing Mounted

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