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SDS equipment is available at the right price to allow doctors to build their offices with the design and technology they dreamt of. Without sacrificing quality or dependability, the SDS packages are designed to give your practice the innovations of tomorrow to attract the clientele of today. Our equipment can be customized to best meet the look of your office, creating an environment that is effortless and classic.


Simplicity in design and maintenance has always been our vision. SDS equipments’ designs have been streamlined to be accessible and worry free. With a screw driver approach in mind, all our chairs and units are free of redundancies and complex features that can be costly and interruptive to a practice’s day to day.


Since its founding in 1986, Summit Dental Systems has been an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality, durable dental equipment. Constructed with steel, the SDS line of chairs are designed to last a lifetime and provide the user with proven functionality, dependable mechanics, and undeniable value. The SDS units also provide the user peace of mind with durable ABS housing, steel frame, and a lifetime warranty on the control block diaphragm. We aim to sustain consistent quality in our dental equipment, and we stand by our mission by providing an industry leading five (5) year warranty.


Summit Dental Systems is family owned, based in Pompano Beach, Florida and our 38,000 square feet manufacturing facility and complete showroom offer our domestic and international customers a unique opportunity to visit and have a hands-on experience with our products at our modern facilities. Additionally, at SDS we understand that the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, which is why our dedicated customer service team and highly skilled technical service department provide our customers with the support they need from their dental equipment manufacturer. SDS team members will work alongside your local dealer to customize the best solution for your practice’s needs.

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In addition to SDS being an FDA registered company, now we are also an ISO 13485:2016 certified company. This means that all our employees are trained and adhere to SDS’s Quality Management System. Our meticulous QMS systems is audited yearly and compliant with this international quality standard of medical devices. This not only assures that SDS’s products meet all regulatory requirements but also adhere to a high standard of quality.