8700DY Swing Mounted Packages


This line provides a hydraulic dental chair with swing-mounted features, complemented by the Daytona chair and various lighting and unit options.

Seeking a hydraulic dental chair with swing-mounted accessories? The 8700DY Operatory Line seamlessly blends practical configurations with our renowned 8700DY Daytona chair. SDS provides a variety of swing-mounted dental units, with the flexibility of swing, ceiling, or wall-mounted operatory lights. Dive into our post-mounted operatory packages and diverse chair/rear or side dental unit combinations.




Viulux LED II Swing Mounted, Viulux LED II Ceiling Mounted, Viulux LED II Wall Mounted, 1340MD Swing Mounted, 1340MD Ceiling Mounted, 1340MD Wall Mounted, None

Delivery System

1407D 4HP unit with 1617 Rear Assistant Arm (SE, HVE), 1407 3HP unit with 1617 Rear Assistant Arm (SE, HVE), 1407H 2HP All-in-One Unit with SE/HVE, None


Standard Vinyl, Custom Vinyl Color, Standard Ultraleather, Custom Ultraleather


Deluxe Dr Stool, Deluxe Assistant Stool, Standard Dr Stool, Standard Assistant Stool


Fiber Optics, Assistant Side Syringe, Pedo Booster Seat, Pedo Scuff Guard, None

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