Orthodontics Packages

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Seamless orthodontics packages combining ergonomic design and top-tier functionality. Elevate your practice with our curated selections

6700M Orthodontic Packages

The 6700M Orthodontic Line combines the Marathon orthodontic chair with practical configurations, offering modern aesthetics and technology with multiple customization options.


8700DY Orthodontic Packages

The 8700DY orthodontic line combines modern design with functionality, featuring a hydraulic chair and tech-friendly accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generic FAQ

  • What Is The Warranty For SDS Equipment?

    All SDS dental delivery units are covered under a 5-year parts warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer. See Warranty Terms.

  • How Do I Purchase SDS Equipment?

    SDS sells dental delivery units and equipment through authorized dental dealers. Our SDS sales team can create a customized quote and connect you with a local dealer. Request a quote.

  • How Much Does SDS Equipment Cost?

    All pricing listed on our site is an estimated discount or MSRP (retail). To receive a quote with your discounted value (the estimated pricing you will receive from your dealer, not including taxes/shipping/installation) request a quote from our dedicated team. 

  • How To Choose The Right SDS Equipment?

    We can help you find the right SDS product for your practice. Call us for a consultation or use our dental product comparison charts.