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Summit Dental’s Cuspidors: Streamlined design for hygiene and convenience. Essential for patient comfort and efficient dental procedures.

1660 Swing Mounted Cuspidor (SE, HVE, and WS-12)



1607 Cuspidor

A durable porcelain bowl resistant to stains and chips, featuring assistant’s instrumentation on the control ring. Includes a timed bowl rinse, manual cup fill, and a break-away assembly for safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generic FAQ

  • What Is The Warranty For SDS Equipment?

    All SDS dental delivery units are covered under a 5-year parts warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer. See Warranty Terms.

  • How Do I Purchase SDS Equipment?

    SDS sells dental delivery units and equipment through authorized dental dealers. Our SDS sales team can create a customized quote and connect you with a local dealer. Request a quote.

  • How Much Does SDS Equipment Cost?

    All pricing listed on our site is an estimated discount or MSRP (retail). To receive a quote with your discounted value (the estimated pricing you will receive from your dealer, not including taxes/shipping/installation) request a quote from our dedicated team. 

  • How To Choose The Right SDS Equipment?

    We can help you find the right SDS product for your practice. Call us for a consultation or use our dental product comparison charts.